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Shanti Attlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic


 Dee Doanes, Certified Ayurveda Stress Therapist

   Certified by Shanti Villa Institute


Dee Doanes Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic



*Private Individual Sessions *Corporate Wellness Programs

Studies Show That Stress is on the Rise

Get Stress Relief Now from Your Job and Busy Life


What is Ayurveda Stress Therapy?

Ayurveda is the most sought out secret knowledge in the world. It’s an ancient system of Knowledge and Science of Life.  Ayurveda is a natural way of healing that focuses on having a healthy and positive mind.  Ayurveda stress therapy focuses on eliminating a weak and stressed mind to be physically and emotionally healthy.


Learn how to get stress relief from:

  •  Physical Pain
  •  Family Drama
  •  Unresolved Childhood Issues
  •  Work Stress
  •  Spousal Relationships
  •  Death of Loved Ones
  •   Sadness
  •   Being a Caretaker for Elderly Parents


Increase Productivity and Morale at Work

Improve Family and Personal Life

  •  Get Quick Results
  •  Transform Yourself
  •  Be Better Physically and Emotionally 
  •  Live a Happier Life!



Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic Location:

Private wooded area in Conyers, GA. 40 minutes from Downtown, 30 Minutes from Midtown

Hours: Everyday except Monday 10-5pm by Appointment only

Number: 404-487-8156  Email:

Retreat info here: Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Agnihotra and Meditation Retreat 


Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic


Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic Therapy Sessions

Introductory Session $45 (First time clients receive free Ayurveda bath salts)

Sessions are customized to each individual and include various Ayurveda relaxation techniques to help ease your stress. Services that may be included are:

  • Vibrational Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Raw yoga (Relaxes you quickly and assists in weight loss)
  • Homa Therapy (Reduces anger and negativity. Helps with PTSD and drug addiction)
  • Diet Consulting
  • Mind Training
  • (FIR) Far Infrared Heat treatment therapy




Shanti Atlanta Stress Clinic Testimonials


“I was in a car accident where I was struck from behind. This immediately threw me into a stress crisis. My blood pressure soared to 240/120 and it had never been that high before. Later in the E.R., the doctors treated me with medications by mouth and through IV. Four hours later my blood pressure came down to the 160s/80s range. For the next three months my blood pressure went up and down, still out of control no matter how much medication I took. When I went to see Dee, we talked awhile about the accident and other stressful areas in my life. She advised me how to address stress on daily basis using Ayurveda. Dee taught me about the basics of Ayurveda and how it brings balance back into your life. Then she explained her treatment plan for me. She taught me how to address some stress relief techniques which included some breathing patterns I had never heard of before. And God as my witness, within 30 minutes MY LIFE CHANGED.  I saw an immediate change in my blood pressure being normal. And I did the breathing exercises at home and had the same results with my blood pressure being normal. I highly recommend her services. ” 

Marilyn Abrams, R.N. Registered Nurse for 36 years

“Dee, Thank you for being patient and kind. The techniques that you taught me have helped me to calm down. They are helpful when my brain is overloaded. The deep breathing exercises keep me peaceful. ” A. White–Teacher

“Shanti Atlanta Stress Clinic is a magical little pocket in the middle of a bustling city. Dee has created a beautiful space for learning and reflection and the energy of the work she has put into the environment there is felt as soon as you step out of your car. Dee is a highly experienced and skillful teacher and anyone graced with the opportunity to work with her will be truly grateful and blessed. On my first visit, I got pain relief from a chronic medical condition. And that’s the truth!”
Sarah–Business Sales Rep. 

Community and Corporate Wellness Programs


“I learned a lot about living simply and being healthy using natural methods.” A. Sheridan, Spelman College Student
Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic

Speaking at Spelman College, Heart Health Day


Dee Doanes Spelman College Heart Brunch

Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic

Presented along with Dr. Gates, Dr. Isiadinso, Dr. Hrobowski-Blackman. Guest speakers from Healing Community–Dr. Faulkner and Karen Williams. Jane Smith from Spelman College. Cynee Simpson from Fox 5 News

Ayurveda Stress Management Certification Program

Certification program teaching the foundation of Ayurveda stress management. Great for those that want to widen their Ayurveda knowledge. Or for those that want to set up a holistic health business.

All types of people are great for this program:

Busy Business Professionals* Working Moms* Stay-at-Home Moms

Doctors* Other Medical Professionals* Holistic Health Enthusiasts

Length of Course: 13 weeks. 4 hours per week with two classes, two hours each class. Included in the program is how to setup up your business, so you can immediately start your holistic health business.

Investment: $3,000


Stress Relief and Health Tip

Every week I will post a new tip so check back here weekly.

Shanti Atlanta Stress Clinic Recipe


Shanti’s Immune Boost Juice

This is good for boosting energy and preventing colds

  • 1 large carrot
  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 6 garlic cloves
  •  2 lemons
  • 1/2 tablespoon of Ayurveda ash