Natural Cancer Treatments


Natural Cancer Treatments  

This is part two of my article about natural cancer treatments. Check out that Part One here.

**Updated February 2018**


Even though I’m invested in living a healthy lifestyle I’m not against conventional medicine. The first course of treatment should be finding the cause and using natural therapies to put the body back in balance. Of course if you have cancer, esp. an advanced case, there may be a need to use conventional medicine first before instituting natural treatments. Modern medicine should incorporate an integrative approach to healing all diseases including cancer. This is not always the case.

I’m a huge fan of integrative doctors who look at the cause of illnesses, offering solutions by recommending a healthy diet and exercise, while using conventional therapies only when necessary. The best way to do this is before a person gets cancer, diabetes, or other serious illness since these diseases take form after years of bad habits.

Most natural cancer treatments have not gone through clinical trials to prove effectiveness and most doctors won’t recommend natural cancer treatments. I have included information in this article and in last week’s article with current research information, if available. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.


Dandelion Tea

Natural Cancer Treatments


I first read about dandelion tea being used a natural cancer treatment for patients given grim diagnoses. Dr. Caroline Hamm, a Canadian doctor, noticed some patients getting better from drinking dandelion tea.  As a result Windsor, Ontario researchers have received a $217,000 grant to study how effective dandelion root extract is in fighting cancer.


The Budwig Diet

Natural Cancer Treatments

The Budwig diet was invented by Dr. Johanna Budwig. She was a German biochemist and pharmacist. She claimed a more than a 90% success rate with her diet though no clinical studies verify this. She wrote several books that had anecdotal examples of treatment effectiveness.

The Budwig diet involves eating flaxseed mixed with quark (a type of cheese) or cottage cheese. The diet consists of including fresh vegetables and fruits and cutting out sugar, meat, salad oil and butter.


Doctors Treating Cancer with Alternative Methods

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

Dr. Burzynski Natural Cancer Treatments

Dr. Burzynski is a biochemist and physician based in Texas who invented antineoplastons to treat cancer. Antineoplastons are gene-targeted, non-toxic peptides and amino acids. His therapy has none of the awful side effects of chemotherapy.

He’s been researching cancer for more than 35 years has CURED people with fatal cancer diagnoses. Many of his patients were children with inoperable brain tumors that were told they had only six months to live. The medical establishment has tried to pull his medical license since the 1970’s. He has many testimonials from people that were cured from fatal cancers (providing medical records as proof.)

There are also some naysayers say that the doctor is a scam and killed their loved ones that had fatal cancer diagnoses. My thinking is that medicine is a practice and there are no guarantees. My mom didn’t have a fatal diagnosis and still died. If your loved one is told they will only live for three or four months then what do you expect from a doctor.

You currently can only get his so called experimental therapy through a FDA drug trial only after you have gone through chemo.

 Check out this YouTube for more information about the doctor.




Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (Died in 2015)

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez Natural Cancer Treatments

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a well-known New York doctor and researcher who treated cancer patients with individualized care focused on “diet, aggressive supplementation with nutrients and pancreas product (containing naturally occurring enzymes), and detoxification.” He also used coffee enemas to treat cancer.

Listen to him talk about old Merck Medical Manuals from the 1970’s detailing use of coffee enemas for several diseases. And the New England Journal of Medicine reporting the use of coffee enemas for treating mental illness.

In 1998, the National Cancer Institute funded a clinical study on the effects nutritional enzyme therapy on inoperable pancreatic cancer. The study was mismanaged by those in charge and the results that were published in the Journal of Oncology stated that chemotherapy performed better that enzyme therapy. The Office of Human Research Protections and the FDA later investigated and confirmed the research mismanagement. It’s too bad another study can’t be done. Check out the entire story here


Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Joel Fuhrman Tree Hugger in High heels

Dr. Fuhrman. M.D talks says these mushrooms are great for breast cancer: white button, white stuffing, Portobello, oyster, cremini, reishi, maitake.  (Side note from me: Portobello, oyster, reishi, and maitake are the easiest to find probably.)

Dr. Fuhrman recommends mushrooms specifically because of their anti-aromatase activity in reference to breast cancer. He references this Chinese breast cancer study published in the International Journal of Cancer . Here’s one of his articles and here’s another.

I found this medical study about reishi mushrooms.


Please post your thoughts. If you or a loved one has been treated by either doctor mentioned then please share your experiences with my readers.

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