Man, Microbes, Flora, Fauna pts 1, 2

Man, Microbes, Flora, Fauna Tree Hugger in High Heels


Sri Charles Davis of Shanti Villa Institute does a Man, Microbes, Flora,Fauna  video series. These videos are part 1 and part 2 of a 10 part series. Sri Charles is my teacher. He’s an environmentalist and #Agnihotra #meditation ( Homa Therapy) expert. This talk is about the shift taking place in the planet, the imbalances taking place in nature, and how we can help take care of the planet. #climatechange

Man, Microbes, Flora,Fauna is a scientific term to describe the very foundation of nature.  This is the principle behind circadian rhythm, which is a 24 hour cycle in which physical. mental, and behavioral changes innate within most living things are cued by light and darkness.Circadian rhythm is why  birds know when to wake up and and start singing beautiful melodies in the morning. Or most animals settle down in the evening. Man, Microbes, Flora, Fauna is the basic scientific principle behind Agnihotra and Homa Therapy




Man, Microbes, Flora, Fauna Part 1

Man, Microbes, Flora, Fauna Part 2