Health Resources 

These Health Resources will help keep you healthy! This list will be updated regularly with various health resources ranging from people that are: fitness trainers, alternative and naturopathic doctors, integrative medical doctors, herbalists, life coaches, yoga instructors, healthy food, retreats, farms, and more.

Unless otherwise noted, I have used the services or products listed.

Agnihotra and Homa Therapy 

Angnihotra is an Ayurveda practice that uses fire to heal the atmosphere and people. Learn more here


Agnihotra/Homa Therapy National Directory

If you practice this meditation please send your name, city and state, and email address to be included. If you want to attend a session then contact one of the people listed below.



My teacher, Sri Charles of Shanti Villa Institute in Tuskegee, AL

Shanti Villa is a green eco-center and Ayurveda medicine school.

He provides Agnihotra supplies including cow dung that comes from healthy cows on his farm. He also does retreats.



Conyers, GA

Dee Doanes. Caretaker of Shanti Atlanta Meditation Retreat, an extension of Shanti Villa Institute. shantiatlantacenter (at) gmail (dot) com. See more details when you click the link.  Open to the community, donation based. Agnihotra, Full moon ceremonies, Breathing exercises, Raw yoga, holistic health workshops, environmental stewardship classes.  Agnihotra kits for sale. Ayurveda medicine also available for donations. Certified Stress Ayurveda Stress Therapist at Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic . Full line of Ayurveda beauty products available. Online store coming soon!



Maria Broom  Baltimore. MD



I teach Raw Yoga and deep breathing classes. Outdoor Butterfly Yoga and Event Deck. See my listing and link above for Conyers.

Asabi Hunter (Mama Yogi)  Women’s Holistic Health Consultant, Birth Doula, Massage Therapist,  Agnihotra Therapy.   Tuskegee, Al



(Local to Atlanta Area)

Award winning fitness Trainer, Maxim Nazaire Fit2DMax

Jason Pon is a personal trainer and runs Feel Rejuvenated, Inc. He uses a BMS machine to help people with posture, back pain, and muscle issues. He also does meal planning.


Kayla at Conyers Chiropractic. does massage, including sports therapy massage  (Conyers, GA)

Aware House. Amon Sherriff does reflexology  (Local to Atlanta)

Bodyworks by Barb (Local to Atlanta–Marietta, GA)  Barb does all types of massage including sports therapy

Alternative/Holistic Health Doctors:

Dr. Gayla Gates, MD. Family Medicine Doctor. Weight loss and stress management consultant, public speaker, Zija distributor, Agnihotra therapy. She left traditional office practice to advise on holistic healing  404-932-8774

Sam Diwan Psychotherapist, Holistic Therapist. Auricular Acupuncturist. Specializes in treating addiction and complex need. Located in Decatur, GA  404-348-6458 


Dr. Lee Chiropractor specializing in sport injuries and (ART) Active Release Techniques sessions. Athletes use ART to break up scar tissue. Dr. Lee has worked wonders on my rotator cuff injury  Johns Creek, GA

Dr. Alan Katz  Amazing Network Chiropractor and Energy Worker/Healer!  Atlanta only. It’s like chiropractic care mixed with Reiki

Ahimki Center for Wholeness, Mark Armstrong, ND. Chi Gung, Acupressure, etc. Roswell, GA

Dr. Mercola.  Medical doctor & holistic health expert

Dr. Brownstein.  Medical doctor & holistic medicine. Iodine therapy and research

Dr. Koyfman Detox Center  My friend was healed from a serious disease here. People from all of the world come here (Local to Atlanta– in Norcross)


The Forgotten Foods. This master herbalist husband/wife duo specialize in powerful mushroom formulations

Eshe, Master herbalist. Womb cleanse formula  Herb Sistah

Food and Supplements

(Local to Atlanta Only)

Natural probiotics/fermented food Ancient Awakenings
Health food grocery store, small vegan, organic  hot bar, Co-op Sevananda

Rainbow Health Food Store. Large vegetarian hot bar

Earthfare on 5270 Peachtree Pkwy has an ALL organic salad bar

Cafe Sunflower–vegetarian restaurant. Sandy Springs is my favorite location, different menu than other location South Indian vegetarian restaurant. Try their lunch buffet


San Diego California

Vegan Fast food

Sedona, Arizona

organic vegan restaurant



Nature Wise  I use their wonderful natural herbal products. **disclaimer: I promote their products. I was using their products before I started promoting them.


Hammond’s family farm.(Atlanta area–Powder Springs)  Eggs, milk, veggies, etc. My Dad and Me Family Farm 


Several friends have stayed here. Located in PA. Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda health  Himalayan Institute 


Spiritual Centers and Meditation

I sometimes go to this Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Tuesday night for  meditation and teaching with Geshe Phende. They have lots of other events. Drepung Loseling Monastery Atlanta, GA