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Youth Environmentalist Heal the Atmosphere Association

Youth Environmentalist,
Elijah Hunter from (HTAA) Heal the Atmosphere Association







































Children to #savetheplanet #climatecrisis#climatechange #environmentaljustice
#schoolstrike4climate#healtheatmosphereassociation#agnihotra #ayurveda 
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Natural Disasters Happening Now

Natural Disasters Happening Now



          There are many natural disasters happening now.  Why Are The Recent Natural Disasters Happening Now?

(This a blog post version of the Voice of Shanti Newsletter produced by Shanti Villa Institute and Shanti Atlanta. To get on the email list, click on the home page to […]

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!


Earth Day. I’m filled with love for earth and am happy to be a part of keeping her healthy. As I embark upon various sustainable projects with The Action Not Words Project, I am humbled by the task of connecting directly with earth in a healthy and holistic manner.

I share the […]

Nature is Healing

Nature is Healing



Nature is healing to the spirit and great for health. Spend time with nature and your spirit will rejoice!

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I’m a nature photographer. Last week I visited Black Rock Mountain located in Mountain City, GA to take pictures of insects and mountains. It rained the first couple of […]