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My name is Dee Doanes, and I’m an environmentalist with the  Heal the Atmosphere Association (HTAA). I also am the custodian of Shanti Atlanta Agnihotra  and Meditation Retreat (located in Conyers, GA),  certified Ayurveda Stress Therapist at Shanti Atlanta Ayurveda Stress Clinic, Agnihotra teacher, holistic health expert, journalist, writer, and public speaker.

Agnihotra is an Ayurveda practice that has transformed my life! I walked away from a lucrative business in public relations, to focus on teaching Agnihotra. My focus is on: outreach to at-risk communities, environmentalist education,  meditation, Kriya yoga, holistic health, wellness, cultivating my spiritual development, and showing others how to practice love every day.

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Dee Doanes Tree Hugger in High Heels Agnihotra

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How I Started

Me speaking at Spelman College, Heart Health Day

Me speaking at Spelman College, Heart Health Day.With Dr. Isiadinso from Emory Heart Center & Assit. Professor of Medicine

My friends and my mom had always told me that my natural health knowledge should be shared with the world, and not just people I knew. After my mother’s death from leukemia, I decided to start Health Plus Lifestyle and share my health tips by blogging every week.  Health Plus Lifestyle expanded to social media outreach, public speaking, volunteer work, and marketing and public relations consulting for health and wellness companies.

On this path, I deepened my knowledge of alternative healing modalities, tuned in to Mother Earth, and became a student of Yogi, Sri Charles. God and Sri Charles led me to start Shanti Atlanta, so now Health Plus Lifestyle is primarily focused on my work at Shanti Atlanta. I kept the original website name so all my regular readers could stay connected with me. Shanti Atlanta is an extension of Shanti Villa Institute, my teacher’s Ayurveda school, farm, and eco-Center in  Tuskegee, AL. I know my mother’s spirit is here with me, happy for the journey I’ve taken.

You’re on this site to learn about alternative/holistic health and environmental issues. I want you to learn ways to have a healthier and happier life, and tap into the connection between the EarthMind, Body, and Spirit. You can’t have complete health without the combination of these four things.

Healthy Earth, Healthy You!

Taking Care of the Earth is Part of Having Good Health

Take Care of The Earth

I will show you ways to help combat pollution and take care of the Earth. I love teaching about environmental and climate issues. After all, a healthy Earth means a healthy you! If the Earth is polluted, then how can you expect to grow healthy food that keeps you healthy? Take Action Now!

  • Do Agnihotra
  • Start a community garden 
  • Put solar panels on your home.
  • Recycle and reuse items you normally would throw away
  • Bring empty glass jars to buy bulk food items to cut out using plastic bags


Contribute to my community outreach work for climate change and environmental awareness. 

You can send offerings to my Cash App$shantidee or donate below:



Don’t look to me as the expert of YOUR health.

I encourage you to try different things and find what works best for you to achieve good health. Keep in mind that anything I recommend is what works for me or others, and may not work for you. Tweak your alternative health plan as you take this journey with me. Remember, this is YOUR health journey. Learn all you can to become your own health expert!

Get information about:

  • Agnihotra
  • Ayurveda
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Herbs That Heal
  • Foods That Heal
  • Fitness Tips
  • Holistic Health Treatments
  • How to Eliminate Stress in Your Life
  • How To Care For The Environment
  • Sustainable Building, Tiny Houses, and Intentional Communities
  • Using Agnihotra & Spirituality To Be Healthy

Learning About Health

I’m all about teaching and learning as much as possible. Especially the learning part. All teachers are students, and all students are teachers.

I learn about holistic health from many different sources which include:

  • Master Herbalists
  • Naturopaths
  • Naturopathic Physicians
  • Functional and Integrative Medical Doctors
  • Chinese Medicine Doctors
  • Zone Chiropractors
  • Holistic Nutritionists
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Attending Natural Health Conventions
  • Yoga and Meditation Teachers
  • Yogis and Monks
  • Energy Healers
  • Biodynamic and Homa Therapy Farmers
  • Permaculture Design Teachers
  • Real People That Cured Themselves With Natural Therapies

I believe that healing the body naturally should always be the first and continued course of treatment, but I’m not opposed to medical doctors that practice integrative/functional health care.

Read below, read below, read below!

Health  Plus Lifestyle About MeT

About Me

I’m very much into living healthy but every once in a while… I…um…must confess to having a weakness for key lime pie and other sweets. There is no such thing as “being on a diet.” Good health is about having a good diet and having a healthy lifestyle. Yes, that means you can’t eat potato chips and cheesecake every day if you want to be healthy.

I’m a published paranormal mystery fiction writer and fine art and nature photographer. I’m a Trekkie!

Articles featuring me: Yahoo, Chicago Tribune, Yogapedia Ebony Inc.om

I’m a vegetarian.

I’m active and love yoga.

Group Agnihotra

Me teaching and performing Agnihotra at Roswell Waterfall. See how happy the little girl is from participating?!

Hobbies/Interests: I love the outdoorsorganic gardening, recycling/reusing, sustainable living, tiny houses, preserving the environment, reading, writing poetry, modern dancer, travel, theater, classical and jazz music, volunteer work.

Former board member of  The Action Not Words Project, an Atlanta grassroots nonprofit. We started Ujima Gardens Urban Farm at the Cedar Seeder Farm in Snellville, GA (formerly in the City of Lithonia Park.) This project was great for the environment and people in the community. I encourage everyone to make healthy food available to those living in food deserts, do volunteer work, and help other people live better lives.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy! Namaste.